Vincenzo Carubia


Vincenzo currently fronts the band Lunarcode as the lead vocals and lyric writer, but is also know for his skills as a filmmaker and owner of Skiptown Playhouse with his two business partners, Michelle Parks and Anny Taormina.


Having a major film festival has always been a dream of Vincenzo's.  He started Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival (also known as SPIFF), in early 2019.   A dream he can now mark off of his bucketlist after a very successful first year.  His soul focus is to not only inspire other artists through action, but to create opportunity for like-minded independent artists and filmmakers to have their work seen, shared, and showcased with multiple opportunities to learn, grow, and network in the film industry. Working for Princ Films in Sales Acquisitions, Vincenzo knew this could be a great opportunity to connect that with his theater venue for independent filmmakers to learn about how to have their work enter the film market. It’s all about using what you have and connecting the dots. 


Born on the East Coast in New Jersey, Vincenzo was raised in an Italian Family where he was strongly encouraged to follow his passion. His grandfather, Vincenzo, was a tailor from Sicily, and gave his family opportunity in America. ​At 18 Vincenzo ventured to the south where he earned his degree in Film and Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon completion he would relocate to Los Angeles, CA where he would continue his creative education at the International Dance Academy. He is a Dance and Heavily Trained Vocalist. 


​Today Vincenzo thrives across the board in entertainment, truly making a footprint. He founded Skiptown Productions (his film company) in January 2014. Starring in a growing number of independent films, he also grew his skills in writing, directing, and editing. He has won several awards for his creative talents such as Best Webseries and Audience Favorite Music Video at the Laughlin International Film Festival Just to name a couple. His directorial work on various music videos has also gained him many awards and recognition. 

His band Lunarcode's, Debut Music Video for "Heartbreak" has so far taken home 9 awards in the one month since it's release, including "Artist Revelation of the Month" and "Band of the Month" as well as best music video and directing and editing just to name a few. They are quickly growing on Spotify and are very excited for what's to come. The last two songs of their EP are being recorded in Portland the first week of June 2021 with a goal of touring by early 2022. The band is endorsed by Orange Amps in the UK and have been getting radio exposure internationally.

With a focus on musical feature films, Vincenzo has 2 works in development with producer Judi Bell. They formed Magic Skates, LLC in 2021 with plans of production very soon. Vincenzo is always looking for artists to collaborate with.