Skiptown Playhouse is a new kind of theater experience. Our goal is to make it a comfortable yet intimate space for people in the arts to explore the community of theater. 

With emphasis on "HOUSE" we are your new "HOME". When we think of theater we think of community. A place where we go to escape our everyday lives and dive into something different. Whether it's with the friends we came with, or the friends we make a long the way. We all have a unique and special journey and story to tell. Come tell yours, or be the eyes and ears that enjoy the ones we will provide. 

Founded by Vincenzo Carubia of Skiptown Productions, Anny Taormina of Young Fresh and Shameless, and Michelle Parks in January 2018. We collectively came up with our plan to create this unique artists sanctuary. In life it is all about taking Risks and creating your own road whenever possible. 

We also will sport some awesome apparel from YOUNG FRESH AND SHAMELESS, which will be available for purchase.