NOVEMBER 9-13, 2022




Skiptown International Film Festival is a new festival that specializes in low (under 5 million budget) independent films with great potential for the world wide market. It is a great outlet for filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their work and be seen by distributors, producers, and other industry professionals working in Hollywood. And what better place to be located, than Hollywood itself!

The festival is run by the owner of Skiptown Productions, Vincenzo Carubia who also works in acquisitions for Princ Films. This festival is a great opportunity for filmmakers to have their work seen and showcased to industry professionals who have the potential to distribute their work at the major film markets around the world aka international sales distribution.

This intimate theater is known for it's comfy chairs, red curtains, and warm ambiance that is created by the owners Vincenzo, Anny, and Michelle. Opening in February of 2018, the theater quickly grew a following in the comedy community in Hollywood and started growing a following for it's film screenings as well through Blackout Cinema (a local film group).

Now Skiptown decided to grow it's adventure by creating a week long film festival event with opening / closing night parties, as well as red carpet photos, guest speakers, panels, and a carefully selected variety of shorts / features, and more.


Awards will be given to the following categories 


Best Picture 
Best Director 

First Time Director Award
Best Editing  
Best Wardrobe 
Best Makeup 
Best Special Effects 
Best Production Design 
Best Performance By a leading male 
Best Performance By a leading female 
Best Ensemble cast 
Best Original Score 
Best Supporting Actor (Male) 
Best Supporting Actor (Female) 

Best Comedic Performance

Rising Star Award for a Child Actor
Best Original Screenplay 
Best Cinematography

Best Documentary


Short Film Categories

Best Narrative (Domestic / US)

Best Narrative (International / Non US)

Best Horror / Thriller / Suspense

Best Sci Fi / Fantasy
Best Comedy

Best Romance

Best Action / Adventure

Best Dramatic

Best Inspirational

Best Animated Short Film 
Best Music Video 
Best Web Series / TV series
Best Student Short
Best Documentary Short Film

Best Experimental Short Film 

Best Actor (Short Film / USA)

Best Actress (Short Film / USA)

Best Actor (Short Film / NON USA)

Best Actress (Short Film / NON USA)


Best Fight Scene

Best Plot Twist

Powerful Statement In a Film

Best Kiss

Audience Favorite (Feature) 
Audience Favorite (Short) 


THE TARA LYNN PHILLIPS RISING STAR AWARD for new artists emerging in the film industry.