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This intro to Improv class is great for anyone who is just beginning with improvisation; Whether it be for a career in acting or using it for public speaking.  Improv is a great tool to have on your belt. This helps us with our attentiveness, our focus, ability to make decisions on the spot, and exploring your capabilities to communicate in a  more effective manner.   


Improv is loads of fun. For the returning improv artist, you will see a lot of games and exercises that help us to really get back to the basics of improv. For those who have never taken an improv class, get ready to have a great time laughing, thinking quick, and ultimately surprising yourself. After 8 weeks of practice, study, and application, the class will prepare for a showcase that will be performed live in front of an audience at Skiptown Playhouse.          


Images from "GAMESHOW" (2009)
a comedy by SKIPTOWN PRODUCTIONS in which a lot of the actors improvised.
Development Artwork from "SWAGGY" 


INSTRUCTOR: Vincenzo Carubia

This 10 week course is specifically designed for someone who is just starting out, whether they are an actor and want to make their own material for the first time or someone who has never worked in entertainment and wants to try a new hobby.  Step by step you will learn the basics behind video production. 

The course will focus on all of the key elements of video production, from pre-production (concept and idea, to writing the script, breakdowns and budgets, casting, scheduling, Etc) to execution of a short film through post production. The focus here is on creativity and utilizing what you already have at your disposal to make a compelling piece. Each student will receive a list of notable databases and companies to get involved with that really help their work grow and shine.

Students will come away with a produced spec commercial and short film as well as a step by step understanding of the basic idea behind making a video project. Students will also by the end have put together a digital press kit and production book with packaging tips to catch the eye of potential investors. 



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