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STOP AND READ FOR PARKING: We have 9 spots on the left side of the lot. They are marked in Yellow. They are first come first serve. We are located Right off of the 110 in EAST HOLLYWOOD.  We recommend UBER AND LYFT as a super reliable way to reach us. The meters are free after 8pm, and there are more located north of our theater by LACC. The street parking is 2 hours during the day and the street sweepers come on Wednesdays and Fridays. THANK YOU!!

Ridic Aug 19 2023 Eventbrite v2.png

Twitease Presents: Ridiculesque


"A one-of-a-kind burlesque show that brings together the breast elements of traditional, neo and comedic burlesque."


Ridiculesque blends traditional, neo and comedic burlesque into an evening of titillating, tantalizing and tongue-in cheek performances. Curated by co-producers, Kami Oh and Booger Boobs and featuring award-winning performers, it’s a burlesque show like you’ve never seen before! Expect an evening of glitter and glamor where nothing is off-limits and everything is possible! Starring: Amaya Absynthe, Booger Boobs, Carmila Burana, Kami Oh!, Lola La Minx, Lulu L'Chaim, and Wiggy. With kitten, Tula Casati.

Ticket link:


Date and time: Saturday, August 19, 2023 - Doors at 7:30pm - Show at 8pm

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